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Description: Pre-order Army of TWO: The Devil’s Cartel Limited Edition and get exclusive bonus content.
Terms & Conditions: Offer available only while supplies last.
Expires: Limited time.
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Army of TWO: The Devil’s Cartel Limited Edition

PRE-ORDER EXCLUSIVES: Pre-order Army of TWO The Devil’s Cartel Limited Edition and get loads of additional in-game content including masks and outfits, a co-op mission and powerful weapons including the game’s only fully automatic sidearm, the G18! Set off on your mission to end a dangerous drug cartel’s bloody reign armed to the teeth with early access to powerful weapons. Unlock custom-designed masks and outfits for your explosive blockbuster-action campaign as you tackle a bonus co-op mission.

The originator of tactical co-op is back with two new heroes in a story ripped from the headlines. Army of TWO The Devil’s Cartel for PlayStation 3 plunges you and your partner into the corrupt world of a violent drug cartel that’s taken over Mexico. The destructive power of the new Frostbite 2 engine delivers an immersive and unique third-person co-op action-shooter. The future of T.W.O. is at stake and you must lead your two-man army on partner-based missions in this unrelenting, action game. The more effective your teamwork, the greater the reward as the new Overkill mode gives you the devastating power for truly epic mass destruction. Play through the entire campaign or tackle standalone missions with your partner in two-player split-screen gameplay or online co-op.

Game features:

• Shoot-and-destroy tactical co-op: Work together and perform challenging strategic maneuvers with your friend in a true two-player co-op experience with flanking, dual-breach, riot-shield attacks and more.
• Wield the ultimate destructive power of Overkill: Build up your Overkill meter by performing cooperative maneuvers and unleash it with your partner to take destruction to a whole new level.
• Challenge a powerful and ruthless drug cartel: Experience a grim but relevant story set in a modern Mexico that’s been torn apart by the drug war.
• Character customization and explosive action: Use the powerful customization tools to outfit protagonists Alpha and Bravo with personalized tactical gear to prepare for a dangerous, action-packed mission to end the cartel’s ruthless reign.

Only in the Limited Edition:

• Tactical co-op gear: Lay down sustained cover fire for your teammate with the G18 side arm, the game’s only fully automatic weapon.
• Polymer outfit and mask: This lightweight battle dress combo is sleek, professional and high-tech.
• Overkill Extras: Unleash massive destruction as you execute an action-packed mission with an automatic shotgun and your Overkill mask and outfit. Go on an Overkill rampage throughout this new mission designed for nonstop frenetic co-op.
• DAO-X shotgun: A classic: Bring the heat with this automatic, 12-shot riot gun.
• Overkill outfit and mask: The perfect getup for wreaking maximum destruction.
• Day of the Dead assault rifle: Become an angel of death with this awesome Día de los Muertos skinned weapon.
• Day of the Dead outfit and masks: Put on the face of fear with not one but three custom Day of the Dead masks and one en fuego outfit.